New windows not only improve your home’s comfort, value
and appearance, but the windows you select can make a big
difference in what kind of return you get on your investment. THV Compozit windows are made from a special composite material that withstands moisture, rot, expansion and contraction much better than vinyl windows.

All THV Compozit windows are custom made at our factory to fit your home perfectly. They are all specially made for ease of maintenance and cleaning and come in 4 interior finishes and 8 exterior colors giving you plenty of options to beautify your home.






•  THV Compozit : Frame and sash fusion welded
•  Clear double pane or triple pane insulated glass
•  Triple Weather stripping
•  3 1/4  jamb depth, sloped sill
•  2 locks and keepers standard
•  Full length interlock
•  Block and tackle balances
•  Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
•  Half fiberglass screen





Cam-action Dual Locks – Easy to operate deadbolts are permanently fixed into the sash. Made from a highly durable material known for its strength and thermal efficiency.

Top Tilt Latch and Vent Lock – Easy to operate spring loaded tilt latches allow for tilting sashes inward for easy cleaning. Vent lock allows windows to be vented for fresh air without sacrificing security, strong enough to tolerate forcefully raising the window without giving.

Dual Lift Handles – Two lift handles on the top and bottom sash make opening and closing a simple task. Never gets in the way of curtains or blinds.



Available Colors (Hardware)

White        Dark Brown         Beige        Satin Nickel


Grids Options





Bottom Lite Size Option

Our Double Hung windows come standard with a 50% bottom lite, but can be ordered with a 40% bottom lite as an option.



Gas Option

Argon gas can be filled between the glass of our double pane windows to increase energy efficiency. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, clear and odorless.
Gas fills between window panes have shown a measurable improvement in the thermal performance of window